Michigan State University Grades

 MSU Grades shows you the grades that past students received at Michigan State University.

The grade data shown on this website is obtained via FOIA requests to Michigan State University. This means our data is authoritative, while websites like Koofers and Rate My Professors show grades which are self-reported by their users.

Getting Started

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Grade Availability

It typically takes 2-4 weeks after a semester ends before we obtain its grade data. When we get grades for a new semester, we'll post a banner at the top of this page for at least a week.

For legal compliance reasons, MSU only provides us with grade data for course sections which meet certain criteria. Typically, course sections which had 10 or less students, or were taught by a student instructor are excluded from the data provided to us.


New Courses at MSU: See courses that are being offered for the first time at Michigan State University.

Downloads: Download raw FOIA responses, or a consolidated spreadsheet containing all data.